Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Your body is very patient in its communication with you. It tries the gentle method first. You feel the burning that becomes frequent, accompanied by tingling. An itchy numbness in your plam and fingers, especially the pathway of your meridian nerve to your thumb, index and middle fingers.

Your body lets you know this usually at nights when you are more receptive and when you flex your wrists. You wake up trying to shake the feelings out instead of listening to them.

So, the symptoms get worse as your body resorts to more direct communication with you. It begins to take your strength away. You start losing your grip. At first, you won’t be able to make a fist. You tell yourself, it is OK. You are not a fighter you are a lover. Then you won’t be able to grasp small things. Who cares, you aren’t a surgeon you console yourself. And your body finally gets tired and hits you where it hurts. Your job.

You won’t be able to perform the repetitive, unbalanced motions that tightens the passageway around your meridian nerve and irritates the nerve.

If you still play deaf, and continue the same behaviour pattern, you may lose the sensation to tell the difference between hot and cold and lose the muscle at the base of your thumb.

Wouldn’t be much easier to listen, modify the patterns that cause the pain and get professional help before things really get out of hand?